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The world is faced with many uncertainties with the ongoing pandemic leading to complete lockdown of the country and closure of its skies.

With the lockdown completely removed since the first of June 2020 and the country starting to adapt to the new normal life, MBAKE is making no compromise to continue promoting the health and safety of its customers and employees.

MBAKE has reopened its production facility in full compliance with government guidelines, and with the following additional measures to keep our customers and employees safe.

Prioritising the Health & Safety of our Customers and Employees


       Response to Covid-19

Opening of 24/7 E-Store

  • MBAKE has extended its operations, (in addition to selling through hypermarkets and other retails stores), to reduce the necessity or frequency of its customers to purchase from crowded shopping malls by opening its 24/7 E-Store

Contactless payments

  • Payment via SBM Internet Banking, MCB Juice and Myt. Money


  • Home delivery or Pick up at specific pick up points

  • Delivery done by employees following diligently health protocols, wearing masks, gloves and using hand sanitisers before and after each delivery

  • Products properly packed and sealed

Extra health and safety protocols

Daily screening of employees by:

  • taking temperature using temporal thermometer

  • asking about symptoms associated with COVID-19, and whether any member of family has such symptoms

  • Strict cleaning and sanitising protocols at the production facility including frequent hand washing and sanitising, wearing of face masks and gloves by employees

MBAKE will continue to evaluate and assess its safety measures through the COVID-19 pandemic. Our actions will be taken on what is right for our communities based on government guidance.



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